How to Prepare Your Pets for the New Baby?

Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov and his wife Amelia are real pet lovers. Their home was full of animals before their daughter was born: four dogs, three parrots, six cats, and two hamsters. They loved each pet and dedicated to them all the love they had. A little bit later, Amelia bore their first child. Unfortunately, their dog Eos wasn’t ready to accept the fact that there is someone else in their family now. She didn’t like the baby and started being jealous, even violent towards the girl. Max Polyakov and Amelia knew that they can’t live like that and leave the situation as it was. So, they found a hard decision to give their Eos to other pet lovers.

Basic Recommendations on How to Start Preparing a Pet for a Baby

Before starting any preparations, you must be confident that your pet is well-trained. Max Polyakov says that it’s an essential part of your life with a dog, for example. Training helps a pet to get social skills. Dogs won’t get confused in tough challenges and will know how to act correctly. They learn how to build relationships with people and other animals or behave in a right way with strangers.

Dogs which didn’t have any training are not as obedient as trained ones are. A well-prepared pet has a special connection with its master. It interacts with him without any problems. You can set limits on what it can do and what is forbidden.

Basic training is the best way for a master to reach for a special connection with his dog. He starts spending more time with his pet and learns all its habits, reactions, general behavior. A dog also learns to understand its master better. It sees what makes him sad or happy. They both learn to trust and respect each other. Well-trained dogs never have problems with preparations on the arrival of a baby.

The training process makes a dog and its owner closer to each other. They both feel happy and can be confident in having a real friend by their side. And different activities like travelling, walking and visiting friends together will only make these relationships stronger. Pet’s social skills will be on the highest level and it will be happy. It will never have problems on a baby’s arrival like Max Polyakov’s Eos had.

Preparing Pets Step by Step

Newborns arrive with a large number changes at home. Max Polyakov says that it’s better to start making all the needed moves on the beginning terms of pregnancy or even when you just decided to have a baby. Animals like to live their habitual lives and they don’t like big changes. But if you choose a moment of starting preparations correctly, you avoid the risk that your pet gets confused and angry about a baby’s arrival.

First of all, you will have to choose a personal space for your animal. It will consider this place as if it is its private territory. This spot should be calm and comfortable for your pet. No one should disturb it there. You can choose a crate for your dog, a bathroom or a tall shelf for a cat. Arrange it with toys, water bowl, food dish, and blanket. It will be a great spot for your pet in case it wants to hide from baby cries or other irritating factors. Now your animal has a personal place of tranquility.

Make your pet get used to different touches a baby may provide to it. Such things shouldn’t irritate an animal, it should react calmly. Start touching those sections by yourself first: a face, tail, ears, paws, mouth, and tummy. Do it gently. Make it love this activity. But if your pet doesn’t like touches and even doesn’t let you do that, ask somebody to give it some tasty food while you’re teaching it. Repeat this process a few times from two to five minutes every day. Keep teaching a pet during different activities like eating, games or training. An animal will learn that these things are pleasant and they will be associated with some good time.

You have to prepare pets for the new rules like schedule changes, allowed territories in a house and so on. They will have to know them very well.

Start Ignoring Them from Time to Time

Max Polyakov's Eos domestic animal

Max Polyakov says that a sudden abandoning of pets is harmful to their feelings and your relationships. You understand that won’t be able to dedicate them all your time. An animal will think that you just don’t love it anymore and start being jealous towards a child. So, you will have to start cutting the time you spend with your pet calmly, without stressful changes. It will get used to such situations when you don’t pay attention to it. And if you’re a pregnant woman, just ask your husband to spend time with a pet instead of you. This decision also won’t make your animal depressed or feel abandoned.

Invite your friends and other families to visit your house with their children. A pet will get used to a kids’ presence at home. A dog like Max Polyakov’s Eos will be prepared for the baby’s arrival. But you will have to watch an animal and notice how it interacts with kids. Is it aggressive or friendly?

Make Bad Habits Disappear

Before a baby is born, try to learn all the bad habits of your animal. It’s needed to make it understand that you don’t allow jumping into a crib, on your lap, biting, scratching or leaping.

You must check the health of your animal. Take it to the medical consultant and find out if its conditions are Ok. You also have to vaccinate a pet with all the needed preventing drugs. And don’t forget that someone will have to watch an animal while you’ll be at the hospital giving birth to a baby.

Other Important Things to Do

Max Polyakov says that you have to follow these rules to prepare your pet perfectly:

  • correct your animals feeding and training schedules. You have to understand that they shouldn’t be changed after a baby’s arrival;
  • check if your dog knows all the basic commands. It should know when to sit still, go or come. If you noticed that it doesn’t want to listen to you, ask an expert for an advice;
  • if you have cats, cut their claws;
  • in case your pet has never seen kids and never interacted with them invite families with children to your house. An animal should get used to the presence of kids at home. Moreover, pets sometimes don’t understand children. They seem to be loud, too active and uncontrolled to them. Pets are afraid of kids very often;
  • when the process of house preparation is over, acquaint your pets with all those changes. It’s obvious that the whole space will be filled with diapers, new furniture, child’s toys etc. Let your pets smell and look at all those things. It will start getting used to the presence of a baby in the house;
  • don’t allow animals jumping into a child’s bed. Watch your cat because this pet especially likes to sleep in a baby’s crib. It seems to be so cozy and warm that it can’t resist testing the comfort of this place;
  • prepare a container for dirty diapers. You know that animals like to smell everything. They will definitely find the new odor and try to make a mess in your house. Don’t let them reach trash to avoid the unpleasant situation;
  • you also have to prepare a special private place for your pet. It should feel protected from a baby and its cries there.

What to Do if Nothing Works

There are situations when none preparations bring the needed result as it was with Max Polyakov’s Eos. He says that in this case, you should definitely ask for help an expert. He will help to train your pet and arrange the training process accordingly. You also have to ask for help if an animal stopped interacting with you on the early terms of pregnancy. The professional help is needed in both those situations.

An animal expert or veterinarian may help to teach your pet to behave with a baby. They also can test its reactions and see how it will interact with a child after arrival. An expert will tell you which things you won’t have to do according to this examination.

Before you start the specialized training, check if your dog knows general commands perfectly. They should include such words as “Sit”, “Run”, “Come”, “Stand”. The coach will make the understanding of these commands brilliant. He will teach your dog how to behave with a baby, not to snatch things from someone’s hands and other important exercises. A training program should include such essential skills like reactions in challenging situations. It also has to teach an animal how to get used to new smells.

Max Polyakov's Eos pet

If you do not know any trainers, join communities of pet-lovers. These people will definitely suggest you something useful. After you get comments, start selecting a coach for your pet. Compare programs of different trainers, communicate with them, and choose an appropriate expert for your animal.

Max Polyakov recommends visiting different resources with contents about dogs training. There are many nice coaches on these sites. On the other hand, you can find the whole information in the specialized literature. Books have always been a massive weapon in all spheres. Find the one that has useful information on how to prepare your dog for the baby’s arrival.

Max Polyakov is sure that you can reach exciting results by training a young dog but it’s never too late to start teaching it. Great learning experiences sometimes make your animal the best friend for a baby. And if your pet is old, don’t think that it’s not able to remember commands. Don’t give up on training it, be patient, and everything will be Ok.

Arranging the House before a Baby is Here

If you occupy the house for a very long time, you have to know that there are some things to change before your baby arrives:

  • watch the curtain cords. You have to make all the rooms safe for a baby, especially a child’s room. Prepare special cord devices to protect your kid from dangerous situations;
  • power points and cables. You have to be sure that little fingers won’t reach the electricity. That’s why you have to use special covers and plugs for your power points;
  • arrange safety gates on the stairs inside your house;
  • Keep away all the chemical products. Watch them all to be hidden in a place where a child won’t be able to reach it.

Make Your House Comfortable for a Baby

Arrange some comfortable place for your child near the space of your daily activities. It may be a kitchen, drawing room or cabinet. You should see your baby and control the situation. Put different toys and safe games there.

Don’t fill your house with unnecessary items. Put them away because a baby may hurt oneself or break something. Max Polyakov emphasizes that you can teach a child to respect all those things but the practice shows that you have to be careful with this.

All the designs should be practical. Put things higher or take them away to be sure that a child won’t reach them.

How to Avoid Noise

The appearance of a baby means that your house will be filled with permanent noise. You can avoid spreading those sounds by decorating your house with different things:

  • carpets;
  • shelves with books;
  • curtains etc.

All those items are great noise absorbers. They will prevent your house from different sounds.

Max Polyakov is sure that the right preparations will make your life easier. It’s not difficult to make your house a perfect place for your baby. Train your pets correctly and they will willingly help you to raise your child.