Max Polyakov: How Families That Live with Pets Can Prepare for a Newborn

The coming of a baby is supposed to be a pleasant thing. But this was not the case at the family of Max Polyakov because one of their pets rejected the baby. The pet which was named EOS acted wildly around the baby and Max and his wife was in the end forced to give it away to a different family.

Max Polyakov: How Families That Live with Pets Can Prepare for a Newborn

How to prepare pets for a new member in the family

Max Polyakov believes that anyone living with pets should prepare them whenever they are expecting a newborn. Preparing them gives them the skills which enable them to feel comfortable around a new person.

And the coming of a baby causes many changes in the house and Max Polyakov suggests that pet owners must make the changes before the baby is born.

The pets should, for instance, be desensitized to unnecessary touching (something that small babies love to do). Doing this will make a pet feel comfortable when touched anywhere where a child’s hand can decide to touch.

Max Polyakov again suggests that pets should be told about the sections of the house they will no longer enter once a child comes. He also suggests seeking help from an expert in case you are not able to prepare your pet as required.

Experts help

Pets’ experts can be found in animal clubs or any reputable animal organization. Before deciding on the person who will train your pet, Max Polyakov recommends consulting thoroughly. Analyzing the experts well will enable you to determine the best one for your pet.

And in case you are unable to get the right expert, Max Polyakov still believes you should not give up. This is because you can also get trained on how to prepare pets for a newborn on your own.

The home surrounding should never be left out during preparations

Max Polyakov believes that every section within and outside the home should be prepared for the baby. The surrounding must be made safe and appealing to a baby. And a playroom can be designed within the home and should be near where one can watch the baby while doing other house chores.


Max Polyakov is convinced that his guidelines can make pets ready for a newborn and that will lower the probability of them rejecting the newborn. Besides, everyone at home must be comfortable with all the changes that take place. This will make the pets feel comfortable too.

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