Max Polyakov on How to Prevent Pets from Getting Jealous When a Newborn Comes

How to ensure that pets do not reject newborns

Max Polyakov on How to Prevent Pets from Getting Jealous When a Newborn Comes

Max Polyakov does not want other families that live with pets go through what he went through with EOS. To begin with, he suggests that any family that is expecting a child and lives with pets should teach pets how to cope with strangers.

He suggested starting by equipping pets with life skills. Understanding life skills makes animals know how to behave in any environment they find themselves in, no matter who is around.

When a baby is born, there are several things that are expected to change at a home. Max Polyakov recommends making those changes before the child is born. This will give pets enough time to adjust to those changes. For example, when there is a newborn in the house there are some parts or rooms (especially near the room of a child) where animals should not enter. So ensure you teach your pet to stay away from such places.

Max Polyakov also advices pet owners to desensitize their pets to being touched carelessly because that is what babies love doing. This will ensure that animals do not become violent when touched by a baby carelessly.

Professional training

Max Polyakov is aware that at times it can be difficult to train pets especially if you don’t know how to handle them in various situations. Because of this, Max suggests getting an expert trainer. There are several animals clubs where you can find one; you just have to ensure he/she will be capable of handling your pet well. Check liga.net to see other suggestions on how find a good trainer.

The area around the home

Max Polyakov also suggests that the area around the home should never be left out during the preparations. Ensure the surrounding of your home is safe and friendly. Max Polyakov also feels that people should construct a play area for a child within the home.


With the tips explained here, Max Polyakov believes that people living with pets will never have a hard time when they have children. Max also encourages everyone in the family to feel comfortable with all those changes as that can also motivate the pets to feel like everything is still normal.

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